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Primus: Camping & Leisure Products | Stoves | Lanterns | Furniture | Outdoor Shack


From a small blacksmith’s workshop in central Stockholm, the Primus name has grown to produce some of the world’s most popular and trusted outdoor and industrial products.

Beginning with the construction of the first soot-free kerosene stove in 1892 to a current product range of over 4000, Primus is still the industry benchmark for quality, reliability and functionality.

It’s this established reputation that has seen some of history’s greatest adventures and expeditions outfitted with Primus equipment. Norwegian Roald Amundsen’s successful discovery of the South Pole in 1911, as well as Hillary and Tensing’s summit of Mount Everest in 1953 both relied on a Primus stove for their cooking and heating.

For the first 50 years Primus developed and refined an extensive range of cookers and heating blow torches based on their paraffin soot free technology. Improving on their own innovation, Primus was at the forefront of LPG technology in the 1950s designing and distributing gas stoves, lanterns and radiant heaters around the world.

Distributed in Australia since in the early 1900s, Primus has long been associated with the Australian obsession of being outdoors. In 1992 the McLaughlan Group became involved with the industrial arm of the business before entering into a formal partnership in 1995 to create Primus Australia.

Today, Primus has over 100 employees across Australia with warehouses in Melbourne and Perth serving all major cities and regional areas. We’ve grown to provide Australia’s largest and most comprehensive range of outdoor camping equipment and continuing the pioneering tradition of the 1890s, we remain dedicated to the development of innovative products with respect for the environment in which they are used. As the distributor of some of the world’s leading outdoor and industrial brands, Primus Australia continues to grow following the simple belief that the time best spent, is the time spent outdoors.

Primus, part of people's adventures since 1892.

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